📅 Calendar Sync

When reflecting on past recordings, it can be difficult to remember the context you were in at the time. To help jog your memory, Even Mind can now display your past calendar events alongside your recordings in the Journal. Simply open the “Calendar Events” option in the More tab, and specify which calendars you want to sync.

✨ New

  • A fast toggle button that lets you set the visibility of different Journal elements without leaving the tab has been added to the Journal. Use it to quickly hide/show medicine, notes, and calendar events.
  • Even Mind+ members now have access to additional theme options, including the ability to set a dark app icon.

💎 Improved

  • The Grid chart has bee redesigned to provide a clearer visualization of your data. Instead of plotting each individual point, the Grid chart now groups your recordings into one of the 49 regions from Record.
  • The Journal title and Line chart title now remain fixed in place when swiping between different pages.

🔨 Fixed

  • The Journal is now faster. Users with large numbers of recordings will now noticing that swiping, scrolling, and changing time resolution are smoother.
  • The Record save animation is now more consistent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDF reports to crash for some users.