Even Mind’s charts help you visualize the changes in your mood & energy. They give you a new perspective to help you understand yourself and reflect on how you have grown.
Your charts are only as good as the data you record. The more you track the more accurate they get.

Mood & Energy Cards

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The mood & energy cards give you a quick overview of your data for the last two weeks.
In the middle of these cards is a range chart. The transparent bars are drawn from your lowest rating of that day (bad mood / low energy) to your highest rating of that day (good mood / high energy). The smaller white bars correspond to your average for that day.
In the bottom left corner is your average for the last two weeks.
The bottom right contains your stability. Stability is a measure of how consistent your daily averages are. If your daily average energy changes significantly day-to-day, your stability will be low, and vice versa. You can read more about how we calculate stability here.

Additional Charts

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Below the mood & energy cards, you will find links to additional charts. These charts display data on both your mood and energy combined. For charts specific to just your mood or energy, tap on the corresponding mood or energy card.

Apple Health Overview

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The Apple Health overview at the bottom of the Charts page gives you a quick overview of four key health metrics. For each metric you can find the average value for the past 7 days and the percentage change from the previous 7 days’ average.