Even Mind - Help Manual
Even Mind - Help Manual

Even Mind - Help Manual


How do I export my data?
  1. Open the More tab
  1. To generate a .csv file, tap “Export Data”.
    1. .csv exports include all of your recordings. These files can be opened with any modern spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets).
  1. To instead generate a .pdf file, tap “PDF Reports”
How do I change the time on my entries?
You can’t. Even Mind was built for real-time journaling and only captures the present moment. This might feel strange if you have used mood trackers in the past, but the benefits are worth it. Real-time journaling significantly improves accuracy and helps reveal the changes in your emotional memory over time. It simplifies recording, and makes insights more powerful. You can edit your notes, however. So don’t worry about those typos.

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