Getting Started

What is Even Mind?

Even Mind is a real-time mood and energy tracker. It helps you precisely measure your mood / energy, and the many factors that impact them. Unlike a traditional mood tracker, Even Mind measures your mood moment-to-moment, not just day-to-day. This results in better accuracy, and significantly more powerful insights.

Why should I track my mood and energy?

Simply put, it’s difficult to improve things that you can’t measure. If you want to improve your mood and energy, tracking and understanding is a key starting point. Closely monitoring your mood and energy can also help you detect early indications of mental illness.
Reasons to track your mood + energy:
  • Separate the habits or products that actually improve your mood from those that only appear to be helpful
  • Optimize lifestyle factors such as hours (and minutes) of sleep to improve your daily energy levels
  • Monitor for early signs of mental illness

How does it work?

Twice a day, Even Mind will check in with you to ask how you’re feeling. In order to improve accuracy, these check-ins occur at randomized moments (within your selected time window). These check-ins take seconds, meaning you can quickly make a recording and get back to your day. Even Mind will then automatically analyze your entries with additional data (step count, workouts, sleep, etc.) to generate detailed insights about your mood, energy, and how they change.

What else should I know?

It’s easy to give Even Mind a try with no commitment. Even Mind is free to use for as long as you like. We don’t make you create an account. Plus, your data is stored (and analyzed) locally on your device.
If you enjoy using Even Mind, be sure to check out Even Mind Plus, our premium subscription that unlocks advanced analytics and other great features.