Getting Started

Welcome to Even Mind! With this guide we hope to quickly get you up to speed with the app so you can start tracking and learning about your mood & energy. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to

The Tabs

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Even Mind is organized into three tabs.
Journal is where you view and analyze your entries
Record is where you add new entries
More is for everything else (mostly settings)


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The Journal is composed of individual “pages” for every day since you first installed Even Mind. Fixed in the top right corner are buttons for two additional views: Search and Charts.

Journal Pages

The top of each journal page contains a chart displaying your entries for that day. You can toggle the display of each line by tapping the corresponding legend at the bottom left of this chart.
Below the chart you have your list of entries for the day. By default your notes are displayed on this screen, but if you want to hide your notes you can change this option in advanced settings (in the More tab).
Below your entries you will find the Daily Dose information for all items that were active on this day. You can tap on these items to open the Daily Dose edit page.
Finally you will find your sleep for the previous night at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the total amount of time in bed, a percentage change from the previous night is displayed.


The Search view is used to find specific notes. Any entry containing any of the words you search will be displayed. You can easily tap into entries from this search page for more details.
The Search view also contains a “Jump to a date” button. Tapping this button will let you select a specific date to display in the journal.
Tip: you can always double tap on the Journal tab or the More tab to jump to the default screen for those views. In the Journal this will jump back to today’s page.


The Charts view gives you a graphical summary of your entries. This manual has an entire page devoted to Charts, so be sure to check it out for more details.


If you have used Even Mind, you are already familiar with the Record tab. Below are some additional tips for getting the most out of Record.
You may not know that in addition to recording your mood & energy, you can also capture your current location. More charts tied to your location are coming soon, but we wanted to make it easy for you to capture this data first.
Notes come with hashtag support. Either tap the # button above the keyboard or type the # key in your keyboard to get started. A row of previously used hashtags will be displayed above your keyboard, sorted by frequency of use. As you type, this list of hashtags will filter down to only those that match the characters you have entered.
Tip: if you want to record very quickly, and don’t need to add a note, try double tapping the Next button after selecting your mood & energy.


The More tab is where you will find Even Mind’s settings and some less frequently used features (like data exporting).
The top of this tab displays your usage and streak stats. Tapping on these stats will display more details along with the ability to hide streak information (streaks should never be stressful!).
There are many more options on this page, and the best way to learn them is to explore at your leisure.

One more thing…

Please send us any feedback or feature requests you have. You can email us anytime at or, if you don’t want to share your email, you can send anonymous feedback here.