The Dashboard

Detailed charts and metrics for your mood and energy.
From mood stability, to expected energy by time of day, the Dashboard contains many useful charts and metrics (with more to come).
You can use the Dashboard to:
Analyze the stability of your mood or energy
The Dashboard displays a “stability score” for your mood and energy. This score ranges from 0 (or least stable) to 100 (most stable).
View your average and range for your mood/energy
The most common chart you will find in the Dashboard displays your minimum, average, and maximum values for a given time period. This design helps you understand not just your average mood/energy for a day, but also how big of a change you experienced. Tap on the energy or mood card to see this chart grouped by week or month.
Analyze your average mood/energy by hashtag
The Tags view found in the dashboard helps you find patterns tied to any hashtags you save with your notes. To add a hashtag to a note, simply type “#”. In the Tags view, you can tap the “TITLE” or “AVERAGE” headers to change your sort settings.
Access the Settings view
Just tap the gear icon (⚙️) in the upper right corner of the screen.