Version 3.4

🗺️ Location Tracking

You can now track your GPS location with reflections. In the Journal view, reflections with a saved location will now display a map indicating where they were recorded. This feature should help with recalling the broader context around reflections as you review them in the Journal.
Coming soon: location-based analytics in the Dashboard.

✨ New

  • Location can now be tracked with reflections.
  • Variability has been removed from the Dashboard in favor of a new 100-point Stability Score (with 100 = most stable).
  • The Reflect interface has been improved with a focus on speed and clarity. Pro tip: you can now double-tap the “Next” button to save a reflection without a note.
  • You can now send us anonymous feedback from the app. Simply select the “Anonymous Feedback” option in settings.

💎 Improvements

  • The Tags view in the Dashboard now defaults to ordering by mood or energy from best/highest to worst/lowest. Previously this view was ordered alphabetically by tag name.
  • Day of week is now displayed for every page in the daily journal.

🐞 Fixes

  • Editing hashtags in the middle of a note no longer causes the cursor to jump to the end of the note.
  • Scrolling in the Journal has been improved so reflections no longer “jump” into place.
  • Current streak now only resets to 0 after a full day of no reflections. Previously, the streak would be displayed as 0 if you hadn’t yet logged for the current day (even though the streak wasn’t technically broken).