Version 3.5

Launch Date
Oct 27, 2022

🎨 Custom Themes

You can now customize the colors used for your reflections. Simply choose four colors (for good/bad mood, high/low energy) and Even Mind will automatically figure out the rest. To get started, select the new Theme option in settings.

✨ New

  • Usage stats are now available from the dashboard. Tap the top region of the dashboard (where your reflection count is located) to access usage stats.
  • You can now customize the week start day in settings. This option will affect the weekly journal view and weekly dashboard charts.

💎 Improvements

  • The calculation for the stability metric has been improved. You can read more about how it is calculated here.
  • Even Mind will now continue searching for your location on the reflect success page in situations where your device is taking longer to locate you.

🐞 Fixes

  • Weekly charts will now start on the correct start day.
  • Fixed a bug where the tag list would display reflections with partial matches of a tag (ex: “#work” would erroneously display reflections with “#workout”)
  • Fixed an animation bug that was visible with the reflect success screen.
  • The tag bar now displays exact matches, not only partial matches when editing notes.