Version 4.0

🔁 Daily Dose

One of the biggest drivers of our mood & energy is the things we consume every day. Medications, supplements, diets, and more can have a major impact on how you feel. Now Even Mind can help you track and measure this impact.

✨ New

  • Revamped design to make navigation easier. A new “More” tab provides easier access to settings and usage charts.
  • Grid chart added to display a scatterplot of your entries by month and day of the week
  • Fullscreen month chart with 7day and 30day rolling average support
  • You can now opt-out of anonymous usage tracking from the settings page
  • Even Mind+ subscribers can now view a chart of matching entries for any search term
  • Daily sleep amounts are now listed in the journal, along with percentage change
  • You can now add your name to the app in More. This helps the app feel more personal and is similar to adding your name to the first page of a paper journal.
  • Yearly subscription option for Even Mind+

💎 Improvements

  • Notes can now be hidden in the main journal page
  • The Reflect tab has been renamed to “Record” and the mood & energy selector now uses a symmetrical square design
  • You can now select a custom time window for the detailed mood & energy charts
  • You should notice a speed improvement to the detailed mood & energy charts
  • Stability is now displayed as a named range “High”, “Medium”, “Low” etc. instead of the previous percentage
  • The custom theme interface has been cleaned up
  • Release notes now open the full browser view instead of showing a truncated preview first
  • Added a shadow to the mood & energy selector axis titles to make it easier to read on lighter colors

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the data export function that was causing additional columns to be created when notes contained commas
  • Fixed a bug where location would not update when recording an entry right after approving location permissions
  • Fixed a bug with iCloud syncing that impacted some users.