Why I’m building Even Mind

My name is Chris Woods and I’m the founder / developer behind Even Mind.
About a decade ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After struggling with this chronic illness for many years, I set out to help improve how it is managed. I share this in part because I want to normalize talking about mental illness. In general however, I hope Even is judged by the quality of our product, not the path I took to get here.
Success for Even Mind means building a product that is great even for someone without an underlying mental illness. After all, those of us with a mental illness are just people too, and using a mental health app should never feel alienating.
The focus for Even Mind is to improve measurement in mental health. The aim is to enable a more quantitative approach, and to do for mental healthcare what glucose monitoring has done for diabetes. This is only a small part of what is needed for mental healthcare to be truly great, and therefore Even will always be a highly collaborative company.
There’s still a very long road ahead. We will likely make mistakes, have missteps along the way. But we will be trying our best, and learning rapidly from these mistakes. I hope you will help.
If you ever want to collaborate, or send us feedback, or just have a chat, please email me at cwoods@evenmind.co.
Thanks for reading, Chris
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